The game is based on the Mario structure to explore how the characters interact with each other when they are implemented into the game. 

I have an idea to create the story when I was taking a religion course: The Religions of Korean and Japan from Dr. Erik Hammerstrom, PLU. 

The story is about the argument between the Human and the Yokai - Japanese monsters. From the human perspective, Yokai is from the darkness, and they bring misfortunes and want to invade the human world. To protect the human, the Godness of Izumo gives the Human five sacred objects. In order to save the world, the guardians must protect them away from the power of the darkness.

The current game is only a part of the story. The game will be adding more information in the future.  

The project is working on digital art as well as traditional art. I would like to bring a screen version into a pop-up art to create a liveable world. 

Project detail:

- 2D game interaction

- 3D pop-up art

Visual Art Designed by Kim Huynh.

Game Designed by Varik Hoang

Fox Guardian Sheet

First version

Second version

Miu Yokai Sheet

Game Poster

Video Game Demo

Note: I made mistakes during creating the first Fox Guardian, so I tried to remake the second version that is used in the game. 

Pop-up Art

Materials: poster colors, color papers, a glue stick, and a frame box

Shinto Fox 3D

Before creating the 2D game character - Shinto Fox, I decided to make a 3D character for my final project in a 3D modeling class. It helps me to understand how to bring 2D sketches into 3D forms.  

Working Moment

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